Bears will "stretch" role of RBs in new offense


Bears fans, your prayers have been answered. Not only does it look like the Bears are going to Run The Damn Ball, it looks like they’re going to lean on their running backs in other parts of the game. On Wednesday, Matt Eberflus said the team was going to expand the workload of their backs over the summer to see exactly what they can, and can’t, handle.

Early returns with David Montgomery give Eberflus the impression he can handle more than simply toting the rock.

“That's the whole process of this time of year,” Eberflus said. “We're going to stress those guys and stretch their role, meaning that, can he run the whole gamut of the passing tree? Which, you know, it looks like he can. What kind of routes is he good at? How's the timing of that? Can he beat guys one-on-one consistently? Is it a safety or a linebacker that's covering him? Can he do that? It's a positive way for that guy to do that, if he can beat all those guys — DBs and linebackers — and we feel he has the skill set to do that.”

Montgomery is excited to dig into Getsy’s scheme, and the new skillsets that come with it. They’re still in the learning phase of all the offensive installs, but Montgomery believes when it comes time to put everything together it will be great, not only the team, but for himself.


“I am just confident in who I am already,” Montgomery said. “Like, I know God has gifted me with an ability, you know, and God has gifted me with opportunities every day to wake up and be the best that I can be. However it may look, however it may come, I’m just here for whatever it may be.”

Last month, Eberflus singled out Montgomery as a player he was excited to work with this summer. From afar, Eberflus appreciated Montgomery’s motor and serious work ethic. Now, he finally gets to see what Montgomery can do, up close.

“I think the sky's the limit,” Eberflus said. “We don't put ceilings on guys. If you do that, that's not a good way to go. We always leave it open. If the guy can climb all the way and go all the way up, man, go. We encourage you to do that and we'll keep feeding you, and that's the whole process of our whole football team. We never put a ceiling on anybody. The sky's the limit for him and everybody else.”

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