Biggs: Russell Wilson is Bears' priority at QB


The biggest question Bears fans have asked themselves this offseason is, “Who will be the starting quarterback?” Focusing on the past week, that question has become, “Can the Bears actually make a move for Russell Wilson?” Now, a new report from Brad Biggs suggests figuring out a way to pry Wilson away from the Seahawks is at the top of Ryan Pace’s wishlist as the Bears try to find their next QB.

“The thinking among multiple sources is the Bears have prioritized making a run at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson,” Biggs wrote in a column on Friday. “His agent included the team on a list of four clubs Wilson would approve a trade to, although it hasn’t yet reached the point where he’s asked out. Two of the other three teams on Wilson’s list probably can be ruled out. The New Orleans Saints are mired in salary-cap hell and the Dallas Cowboys are expected to keep Dak Prescott. The fourth is the Las Vegas Raiders, and they’ve showed strong public support for Derek Carr.”

In terms of how a Bears offer could stack up with a Raiders offer, the ability to include Carr in a deal could give Las Vegas the edge. However, as Biggs wrote, if the Raiders truly believe in Carr, they might not be willing to part with as many draft picks to swap quarterbacks. Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock are certainly not operating with any desperation to find an upgrade at the position, so they could bow out early if a bidding war begins for Wilson. And if Pace’s true priority is to “make a run” at Wilson, he’ll likely do what it takes to get his guy.


Pace has a history of acting aggressively to ensure he acquires the talent he wants. In the draft alone, Pace has traded up to snag Mitchell Trubisky, Leonard Floyd, Eddie Jackson, Anthony Miller and David Montgomery, to name a few. Of course, Pace pulled off the Khalil Mack blockbuster, as well. If he believes the best option for the team is Wilson, and not a rookie coming out of the draft, he clearly won’t balk at the opportunity.

The biggest caveat to all of this is whether the relationship between Wilson and the Seahawks deteriorates enough to the point where Seattle decides to trade him. Dianna Russini reported on Thursday, that the Seahawks are at least answering calls on Wilson, so it makes this possibility feel a bit more real. But by all accounts, the Seahawks would prefer to mend things with Wilson.

For now, the Bears are still in a holding period. No matter if they make a trade, sign a free agent, or decide to draft a rookie quarterback, they’ve got to wait. But one thing seems clear given this new report: they’re prepared to swing for the fences.

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