Tom Brady keeps trolling Aaron Rodgers over field goal


Tom Brady, seven-time Super Bowl champion and troll god.

During a press conference for "The Match" - a golf game pitting Phil Mickelson and Brady against Bryson DeChambeau and  Aaron Rodgers - Brady took his shot when presented.

"I do think you do have a partner that would probably have liked to go for it a little more often than he has in the past," Brady said to DeChambeau. "So Bryce I'm glad you're encouraging him to kind of go for it when it's on the line...just not getting to the fairway or something like that and try to play for the next shot."

Brady is referencing the infamous decision by the Green Bay Packers to kick a field goal with a little over two minutes left in the NFC championship game against Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Packers were trailing by eight points and were facing a 4th-and-goal eight yards out. Instead of letting Rodgers take a shot at a touchdown to set up a two-point conversion to force overtime, Green Bay took the three points hoping to get the ball back for one more attempt at a score.

Brady and the Bucs didn't give the ball back and went on to win the Super Bowl.

Rodgers, to his credit it, took it in stride.

"Well, I don't usually get the option in my experience," Rodgers said. 

Brady seemed to empathize, maybe with a subtle dig at New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.


"I know the pain," Brady said. 

This isn't the first time this year Rodgers has had to deal with jokes about that decision.

While hosting Jeopardy, champion Scott Shewfelt wrote "Who decided to kick that field goal?" as the answer to the final Jeopardy question.

And Rodgers took that in stride as well.

“That is a great question," Rodgers said.

We do know it wasn't Rodgers' decision. And Rodgers is currently embroiled in a dispute over his future with the team and wants out of Green Bay.

And more shockingly, this isn't even the first time Brady has trolled Rodgers on that field goal.

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