Cary-Grove students chant ‘Fire Nagy’ at his son


Last night, Chicago Bulls fans chanted "Fire Nagy" at the United Center. And it brought to light a video from Saturday of Cary-Grove High School students chanted "Fire Nagy" during a playoff game against Lake Forest High School.

The difference between the two chants is Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy's son played for Lake Forest, and the chants were directed specifically at his son.

The chant in that situation definitely crossed the line.

Officials at Cary-Grove high school released a statement on Tuesday, condemning “Fire Nagy” chants directed at the Bears head coach and his son that rose from the crowd.

“I want to assure our community that the chant was not acceptable nor appropriate and was immediately addressed by administration at the game,” said Dr. Neil Lesinski, Cary-Grove’s principal, in a statement. “We also felt it was important to meet with our student superfans that lead our chants and cheers to talk about what happened and give them an opportunity to reflect and correct their actions.”

The school also apologized to Nagy and his son, though not by name.

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The back drop for all this is Nagy's hot seat, and specifically how it's progressively getting hotter with each poor performance from the team. On Monday, a report suggested Nagy had lost the locker room.


On Tuesday, a report sent shockwaves throughout the city saying the Bears planned to fire Nagy following the Bears’ Thanksgiving game against the Lions.

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