How Aqib Talib helped Bears on their three-game win streak


The Bears apparently had a secret source of inspiration to kick off their current three-game winning streak: Super Bowl 50 winner, Aqib Talib. On his show “Call To The Booth,” the five-time pro bowler revealed he gave a pump up speech before the Bears’ win over the Texans, at the request of one of their team captains.

“I actually talked to the Bears,” Talib said on his show. “Danny (Trevathan) called me. He was like, ‘Lib, we’ve got four games left, bro. My team needs some of that ‘Lib, we need a ‘Lib speech. Do you got me?’ And I said, ‘Danny Trey, I got you.’

“He Zoomed me in, I hollered at them, so I really want them to go to the playoffs, you feel me? I’m gonna say it’s because of ‘Lib’s speech.”

The key in Talib’s message: forgetting the past and moving forward focused solely on their remaining schedule.

“It was just about locking in,” Talib said. “About December being its own season. It had a lot to do with that, just starting over. The sh-- that y’all was on during training camp and that first game was finna start— just start over. Wipe your slate clean and start over. Start like it’s a whole new season.

“As far as chilling with each other, as much as you can. We can’t chill with each other, then play with each other on a game. Just vibe with each other while you’re at work. You know what I’m saying.


“It was just a reset button. Just hit that reset button.”

The message apparently resonated with the Bears, as they’ve gone 3-0 since he hyped them up on that Zoom call. Despite that, Talib doesn’t think the Bears will have enough to get past their archrivals in the final game of the season.

“I don’t know, Green Bay’s just tough,” Talib said. “They’re tough, so I think Green Bay’s going to win that game.”

If that wasn’t enough to discourage Bears fans, Talib doesn’t think the Bears will even qualify for the playoffs.

“I like the Cardinals,” Talib said. “No Jared Goff, I’m instantly going the Cardinals.”

A Bears loss, plus a Cardinals win means Chicago would miss the postseason for the second year in a row.

Maybe it’s time for Trevathan to call in another favor from another Super Bowl winner?