There aren't really words that can do the video you're about to watch justice, so I won't waste your time. Take a gander at this Bears-themed room: 

This room is the perfect example of why watching football is WAY more enjoyable at home. The symmetry of the framed jerseys around a T.V. that just happens to be playing the moment that Khalil Mack and Aaron Lynch sacked Aaron Rodgers (how subtle) is a nice touch. The mounted screen immediately to the right of the other T.V. feels distracting? Especially as it plays a different game? The Fat Heads are an unfortunate given, and it's a Bears fan so obviously the room has a bar. But the exposed brick plays! The giant Knicks decal on the fridge almost ruins the whole video but is *just* funny enough to work.

If this room's owner is looking for another chance at online fame, I'd suggesting tweeting out his power bill next.