Equanimeous St. Brown makes Pro Bowl appearance


Amon-Ra and Equanimeous St. Brown may be rivals when the Bears and Lions go head-to-head, but when they’re not playing against each other it’s all love between the two brothers. They showed off that brotherly connection in the Pro Bowl on Sunday, when Equanimeous helped Amon-Ra win the best catch competition against Stefon Diggs.

Another legend was featured in the play, too. Four-time Pro Bowler Michael Vick was the man who threw the pass to EQ to start things. The catch earned a 93, 91 and 92 from judges Snoop Dogg, Pete Davidson and LaDainian Tomlinson. That was more than enough to beat Diggs who failed to execute his final catch.

The St. Brown Bros. rivalry is well documented and the brothers had a $1,000 bet in 2022 for whether the Bears or the Lions would finish the year with the better record. The brothers will get to play each other at least two more times next season, since Equanimeous signed a new one-year deal to return to the Bears in 2023.

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