Patrick Mahomes once considered going to law school

Patrick Mahomes

Somewhere in an alternate universe, Patrick Mahomes is suiting up for a completely different field.

Speaking to NBC Sports at Radio Row ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Leigh Steinberg, Mahomes’ agent, revealed the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback had aspirations for a career that was not American football.

“Patrick had aspirations to be a lawyer,” Steinberg said. “And had he not gone ahead and played professional football, I think he would’ve gone to law school. 

“It didn’t happen obviously because he entered a career that takes all that practice and time, but it wouldn’t be beyond question that he end up going to law school later.”

Would Mahomes make a good lawyer? Steinberg gave his case.

“He’s got high intelligence…his preparation and focus would be top, top flight. And he’s meticulous about preparation and study. He’s got a killer memory, and there you go.”

The Chiefs must certainly be relieved Mahomes opted not to pursue that passion, as he led them to victory in Super Bowl LIV in 2019 and is looking to do so again in 2023 against the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona.