Kap: Bears need to 'clean house' to win


Yet again, the Bears lost in heartbreaking fashion. This time it was giving up a touchdown in only 79 seconds, after connecting on a heroic 4th-and-11 touchdown to take a five-point lead with only 1:41 left in the game. Now the Bears have lost five games in a row, with each week feeling more gut-wrenching than the last.

It’s gotten so bad, that on NBC Sports Chicago’s “Football Aftershow,” host David Kaplan said the only way to get back on track is to fire everybody.

“If you truly want to win you clean house,” Kaplan said. “You get the right guy. You go find who it is, whether that's talking to the three of you (Lance Briggs, Olin Kreutz and Alex Brown) or someone else.

“That is a freaking joke that all these years, all those tens of millions of dollars, all those draft picks, and that's the garbage offense you run out there.”

Calling the offense garbage was not all too far off. Justin Fields only managed 4-11 passing for 79 yards before he was hurt early in the third quarter. Dalton fared better, but 109 of his 201 yards came on two plays: the hail mary, and a screen pass that went for a 60-yard touchdown.

To add insult to… insult, Kap did a little roleplaying as George McCaskey.

“Help me, please,” Kaplan said on the “Football Aftershow.” “‘ I'm the owner and I'm inept at hiring. I've proven over and over. I suck at it. So could you guys please help me figure out who in the f can help coach this team? I will spend the money. Let's try and fix things.’


“They don't care.”

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