Did Patriots owner Robert Kraft crush Bears' hope for Tom Brady?

Did Patriots owner Robert Kraft crush Bears' hope for Tom Brady?

The Bears are one of the first teams mentioned when speculation about where New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady could play in 2020. The Bears are the most quarterback-needy club that also has a chance to make a Super Bowl run with a player like Brady under center, so it's logical to assume the soon-to-be free agent will at least entertain the idea of playing home games at Soldier Field next year.

Much of what happens with Brady will come down to how the Patriots view the 42-year-old (he'll be 43 at the start of next season). If all things are equal, and New England makes him a fair offer to come back, it's likely Brady would return to the only franchise he's ever played for. And if owner Robert Kraft's recent comments are sincere, it's more than likely that he will.

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Kraft, who was in New York City on Tuesday, was asked by TMZ reporters whether the Patriots will re-sign Brady this offseason. His response? 

"We plan to," Kraft said.

Well, there you have it, right? If the Patriots plan to re-sign Brady, then the Patriots are going to re-sign Brady; assuming, of course, you believe what Kraft is saying in January before New England's decision-makers have had enough time to assess their quarterback situation with, and maybe without, No. 12 under center.

Brady is coming off of one of his worst seasons as a pro, which is saying something considering he's been playing for two decades. His completion percentage was the lowest it's been in six years, his yardage total was the second-lowest in the last 10 years, and his 24 touchdown passes were the fewest he's thrown in a season since 2006. 

It's natural to wonder whether Father Time has finally caught up to him. Maybe, however, his down year was a result of lacking talent at wide receiver and tight end. Regardless of the reason, his 2019 campaign has called into question where he'll be in 2020.

But there are those three words Kraft said — 'we plan to' — that can't be ignored. At the very least, Bears fans can't get their hopes up. The Patriots tend to get what they want, and if they want Brady back in 2020, they'll have him.

Fantasy Football: Mitch Trubisky dubbed Bears' worst ADP value

Fantasy Football: Mitch Trubisky dubbed Bears' worst ADP value

Fantasy football drafts are in peak season right now as we inch closer to the NFL's scheduled 2020 kickoff on September 10. Fantasy players around the country are doing their research on who to draft (and when to draft them), studying ADP (average draft position) to best formulate their strategy.

The smartest fantasy players draft for value; they grab good players who last longer in drafts than they should. The flipside is also true. Fantasy champs don't reach on players and instead let the draft board come to them.

In the case of Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky and his 2020 fantasy draft value, well, there really isn't any. According to Pro Football Focus' recent breakdown of the worst ADP value for every team, it's Trubisky who gets the nod in Chicago.

Trubisky's ADP is currently hovering around Pick 240.

"The Bears don’t really have any players who are egregiously bad values, so we’ll slot Trubisky in at this spot as the de facto option to avoid," wrote PFF's Sosa Kremenjas. "General manager Ryan Pace acquired Nick Foles in a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars, presumably to take over the starting quarterback job. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Trubisky’s 64.3 overall PFF grade didn’t suffice (ranked 27th among all qualifying quarterbacks), though the competition between the two legitimately seems to be open.

"Trubisky’s 2019 didn’t go as planned, as the former top-five overall draft pick landed 26th among quarterbacks in total scoring and 32nd in points per dropback. At this point, Trubisky should be treated as a backup quarterback option. He has the potential to rise to a starting quarterback position and is maybe worth streaming occasionally."

Let's put Trubisky's ADP into perspective. Most fantasy leagues are comprised of 12 teams. Essentially, Trubisky should come off the board sometime in or around the 20th round. He's a late-round pick, at best, and yet he's still considered bad fantasy value by PFF.

Maybe it's because he isn't assured of a starting gig in 2020. Maybe it's because he just didn't look like a very good NFL quarterback last season. But it certainly feels like fantasy players can do a lot worse than a roll of the dice on Trubisky that late in the draft.

Jay Cutler's Instagram page deleted, leaving Bears fans without fun follow

Jay Cutler's Instagram page deleted, leaving Bears fans without fun follow

Bad news for Bears fans who like to keep up with their former QBs. It appears Jay Cutler has deleted his instagram.

Hat tip to Adam Rank for being the first sleuth on the story:

But we can’t take Rank’s word for it, we need to confirm this ourselves.

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When searching Cutler’s old handle @ifjayhadinstagram, nothing comes up. Plugging in an old URL to one of his photos returns a “page does not exist” error. Ok, no need to freak out. Maybe he deleted some pics and renamed his account?

Naturally the first move is typing “jay cutler” into the search bar, and upon first glance it looks like he simply changed his name. There it is: @jaycutler with a blue check mark and everything. But the description is a little weird, “Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler”... and is he using a shot of a wrestler as his profile pic?

Nope, turns out it’s another athlete with the same name, this one a bodybuilder.

Very cool content, but not what we’re looking for.

Digging deeper we can find a new account called @ifjayhadtinder but it’s just filled with memes and low-brow jokes… clearly not the real deal. Sadly, after that there’s a long list of fan pages and joke accounts, but nothing that’s No. 6 himself.

People around the world fell in love with Cutler’s Instagram page as he embarked on a weeks-long quest to capture a raccoon that was terrorizing the chickens on his ranch. He also became a top-notch thirst trap for single Bears fans, once he took control of his account and announced his split with Kristin Cavallari.

But now the worst is feared to be true. Cutler has left Instagram, leaving us all to wonder what he’s up to on his ranch.

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