It's always key to do well against division opponents in the NFL.

The Bears went 4-0 against a North division this year, but it was the wrong conference. Sunday's 20-3 win against the Browns completed the Bears' sweep of the AFC North this season.

Considering the Bears are 5-10 overall and 0-5 against the NFC North, it's a joke that comes with some bitterness as well, but Kyle Long has never been one to miss out on a chance to have some fun.

The Bears beat the Steelers 23-17 in overtime in Week 3, picked up another overtime win against the Ravens (27-24) in Week 6, smashed the Bengals 33-7 in Week 14 and finished off the Browns 20-3 on Christmas Eve. It's more of a weird occurrence than something to be proud of, but it's as close to any claim on a division title as the Bears have had in recent years.