Why Seahawks should thank Bears for DK Metcalf


The Seattle Seahawks should thank the Bears for inspiring one of the greatest receivers in the NFL today. According to his father, DK Metcalf began seriously considering playing football after watching the Bears celebrate the 2006 NFC championship.

Metcalf’s dad Terrence played on the offensive line for the Bears from 2002-2008, and recalled the rare opportunity to celebrate with his son on the Talkin’ Seahawks Podcast.

“It’s not typical that they allow your family into the locker room,” Terrence said. “So, in that moment I just ran and grabbed him up. Ran outside straight from the field in my uniform and my family was already there, so I could just grab him and take him in there.

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“He got to see all the chaos in the room… Just seeing him-- he’s always been, not a shy kid, but just to himself, and for him to let himself go in that locker room and get all caught up in the moment, it was special.

“Just seeing all the excitement and enthusiasm that up close at such a young age, I know that affected him. Because that very next year we started talking to him about possibly playing.”

Since then, DK has taken that inspiration and made the most of it. In only his second pro season, his 788 receiving yards and eight receiving touchdowns both rank second in the NFL. He also leads the league with four catches that have gone for 40 yards or more.


Question is, if the Seahawks clinch a Super Bowl berth this year, will DK return the favor and bring dad in to celebrate?