Don’t expect a decision on Bears’ starting QB anytime soon


Bears fans who were hoping the team's quarterback competition would have an obvious winner early in training camp aren't going to like what coach Matt Nagy had to say Sunday. The drama under center isn't going away for a while.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles are about as even of a quarterback matchup as you can have. It's Trubisky's draft pedigree and physical traits versus Foles' ability to manage the offense while also rising above expectations when games matter most.

Trubisky is the hope for a brighter future. Foles is the insurance policy for a run right now. Deciding between those two interests is really difficult, and as Nagy suggested, it takes time in order to make the right call.

There has to be a point, though, where the longer it takes to identify a starter means the Bears don't have a quarterback who inspires much confidence. Let's face it, if you have two middling passers who can't separate from the pack, you probably don't have a player who should be starting in the NFL.

August 29 marks what would've been the Bears' third preseason game. It's traditionally the dress rehearsal for the regular season. Starters usually play three quarters and then take the fourth preseason game off. Chicago's lineup, in a non-COVID year, should be set by then. Rarely would a quarterback battle go into the preseason finale, where backend-of-the-roster guys fight for the last few spots on a gameday squad.


Will we have a starter named this week? It's unlikely. And that's unnerving. The Bears will soon begin preparations for Week 1's divisional matchup against the Lions, and with the difference in Trubisky and Foles' skill sets, it would make sense to have a starter in place for the final 10 days or so before the regular season kicks off.

Yes, the  Bears have to make sure they take all the time they need to name a starter at quarterback. But the closer we get to September with no answer at the game's most important position, the more concerned fans should be.