On Tuesday morning, ESPN dropped its latest 2020 NFL projections. The piece, written by analytics writer Seth Walder, takes a deep dive into what the numbers say about every team's chances heading into the season: 

Getting right to it: Things don't look great for the Bears! It's no 3-13 heatcheck, but Walder and the analytics folks at ESPN have the Bears ranked 21st, projected to win eight games, and given a 41% chance to make the playoffs. It's just another reminder that Ryan Pace can sign all the pass rushers and make all the value picks he wants, and none of that really matters as long as the Bears continue to operate in quarterback purgatory. Interestingly – and maybe fortunately – enough for the Bears, ESPN's not super high on anyone in the NFC North: 

They ranked ahead of the Lions, but neither the Packers (15th/8.1 wins/43%) or the Vikings (13th/8.6 wins/54%) garnered glowing reviews, implying the NFC North is decidedly up for grabs.