Tony Reali is a Certified Good Dude, so the next 300ish words shouldn't surprise you, but here we go:

The other day on his show "Around The Horn," Reali made a joke at the expense of Bears QB Mitch Trubisky. Reali said something to the degree of "not wanting to Trubisky" a throw he was about to make with a crumpled up paper ball. Pretty standard fare. Almost immediately – because, remember, Reali is a Certified Good Dude – the "ATH" host tweeted this out: 

It's refreshing to see a prominent member of the media show a tiny bit of remorse for choosing quite literally the laziest insult possible, and a nice reminder that, hey, maybe that Trubisky joke you're sitting on isn't actually all that funny! Or new! In fact, it's definitely not new. 

A sincere apology, a donation to charity – all's well that ends well. Although a Mitch Trubisky-Tony Reali Twitter war would have been something else.