10 fantasy football quarterbacks to target in your draft


Do you target a quarterback early in your fantasy draft? Or do you load up on skill positions and wait for a great value pick in the middle to late rounds? Either way you approach the position, having stability at the top of your lineup is essential, and sticking to your tier sheet will prevent you from making a panic pick when you’re on the clock. But before you write out your big board of QBs, you gotta do your homework.

Here’s our list of the Top 10 **fantasy** quarterback options this season. This is not a list of the Top 10 **real life** quarterbacks in the league, this is a list of guys you want on your fantasy roster to score points and help your team punch a ticket to the playoffs. All numbers come from NBC Sports Edge.

Tier 3 - Likely to finish in Top-12

No. 10: Joe Burrow

Fantasy PPG last season: 17.9 YPG: 268.8 RUSH YPG: 14.2 TD: 13 RUSH TD: 3 INT: 5

The big X-factor for Burrow next season will be how well he’s recovered from his ACL surgery. The Bengals let A.J. Green walk as a free agent, but they added Burrow’s former LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase with the No. 5 overall pick in the draft. With Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins already proving to be reliable wideouts, Burrow should have some of the most exciting young weapons in the league to target. Last season, Burrow threw the ball over 40 times per game, and there’s no reason to believe that number will drop this year. He’s a great volume option that still offers upside, as well.


No. 9: Justin Herbert

Fantasy PPG last season: 22.9 YPG: 289.1 RUSH YPG: 15.6 TD: 31 RUSH TD: 5 INT: 10

Herbert helped tons of players reach their fantasy playoffs last year as a surprise breakout rookie. But this year the secret’s out. The only thing that may make you pause before drafting Herbert this season is the possibility of a sophomore season slump. Other than that, Herbert looked every bit an NFL stud last year.

Tier 2 - Solid QB1s

No. 8: Tom Brady

Fantasy PPG last season: 21.9 YPG: 289.6 TD: 40 RUSH TD: 3 INT: 12

Would you believe me if I told you that Brady finished as the No. 8 fantasy QB last season? The Buccaneers are running back their same starting offense, filled with tons of weapons, and as we know age is just a number to Brady, so there’s no reason to expect any regression. If anything, he could put up even better numbers in Year 2 running Bruce Arians’ offense.

No. 7: Russell Wilson

Fantasy PPG last season: 23.3 YPG: 263.2 RUSH YPG: 32 TD: 40 RUSH TD: 2 INT: 13

Wilson stumbled down the stretch last season, so there are some concerns about whether he and the Seahawks will continue their skid at the start of 2021. But in terms of fantasy, he should still cook, no matter what happens in the W-L record. Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf form a dynamic WR duo that can go off for scores at any moment.

Tier 1 - The true elites

No. 6: Kyler Murray

Fantasy PPG last season: 24.4 YPG: 248.2 RUSH YPG: 51.2 TD: 26 RUSH TD: 11 INT: 12

Having a quarterback that churns out rushing yards is like a cheat code in fantasy, and the only quarterback more dangerous than Murray as a ball carrier is Lamar Jackson. However Murray's ceiling was limited a bit by high turnover numbers last season. Another year with DeAndre Hopkins should help, but Murray will have to prove he can clean up those mistakes before he enters the upper echelon of fantasy QBs.

No. 5: Dak Prescott

Fantasy PPG last season: 27.7 YPG: 371.2 RUSH YPG: 18.6 TD: 9 RUSH TD: 3 INT: 4

From a points/game basis, no quarterback was better than Prescott last season. Reports out of Dallas say Prescott has put both his ankle injury and lat strain behind him, and he’ll be ready to go come Week 1. With the emergence of CeeDee Lamb last year, it’s not hard to imagine Prescott being this year’s breakthrough fantasy player.

No. 4: Josh Allen

Fantasy PPG last season: 25.3 YPG: 284 RUSH YPG: 26.3 TD: 37 RUSH TD: 8 INT: 10

Arguably the No. 1 breakout fantasy player of 2020, Allen proved he can be a big time passer with Stefon Diggs, and shored up turnover troubles when he ran the ball. Allen finished as the No. 1 scorer in total points last year, but it’s rare that players go back-to-back as the top scorer. The only reason he’s not higher on the list is because I expect a big comeback year from the next QB.


No. 3: Lamar Jackson

Fantasy PPG last season: 22.8 YPG: 183.8 RUSH YPG: 66.7 TD: 26 RUSH TD: 7 INT: 9

Even with Josh Allen’s unbelievable season and Jackson’s disappointing fantasy season in 2020, Jackson still deserves respect as the top rushing quarterback threat in fantasy. Very few quarterbacks have the ability to score from anywhere on the field with their legs, and Jackson is the best of the bunch in that regard. The additions of Sammy Watkins and Rashod Bateman (when he returns from core muscle surgery) in the wide receiver room should help buoy his passing numbers too.

No. 2: Patrick Mahomes

Fantasy PPG last season: 25.4 YPG: 316 RUSH YPG: 20.5 TD: 38 RUSH TD: 2 INT: 6

Mahomes had a couple of clunkers last season against top-tier defenses, so that cost him the top slot in our rankings. But he’s still undeniably a top fantasy QB option because of his unparalleled talent and the Chiefs’ dynamic offense. He should be off the board by the end of the second round, if not earlier.

No. 1: Aaron Rodgers

Fantasy PPG last season: 24.2 YPG: 268.7 TD: 48 RUSH TD: 3 INT: 5

Last season, Rodgers showed the world that not only is he still the best quarterback in the league, he’s still an invaluable fantasy asset. No player is as reliable, consistent and ready to score a ton of points at the top of fantasy lineups. After a dramatic offseason in Green Bay, he’ll be as motivated as ever to put on a repeat performance, too.