Fields' dad shaved his son's head when he got bad grades


Justin Fields knows what discipline feels like. 

When he was growing up, his dad would shave his head if he received a bad grade in school, starting in seventh grade and happening again during his freshman year of high school.

"My dad, actually, would shave my head," Fields said on Barstool Sports "Pardon My Take" podcast. "He shaved my head in ninth grade because I got a C," Fields said. "The first time we did it was when I was in seventh grade. I think I was acting up in math class or something like that. When I tell you he shaved my head at home."

But that wasn't all. 

"We went to Walmart, got me a nice all-grey sweatsuit – (it) had like some army stuff on the sweatshirt. Got me some Walmart shoes, some starter shoes. Had to wear high white socks with the starter shoes.

"The second I walk into school, I'm getting roasted on. I walked straight out of school. Literally, I started walking out of school and walked down the road. Like, I literally ran away from school. I was walking for like four hours and this random lady pulled up on the side of the road and was like, 'Uh, aren't you supposed to be in school?' My plan was to walk to the fire station. I don't know what that was gonna do for me, but I wasn't trying to go back to school."

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The punishment worked, as Fields explained on the podcast. He didn't get another C and he finished high school with a 3.9 GPA. He has yet to finish college, spending one year at Georgia and two years at Ohio State. 

But, his intelligence and disciplined have shined, helping him become the quarterback he is today.

"I always look back at that time and laugh now. But, that's what taught me to not get bad grades," Fields said. 

When asked if he would shave his head every time the Bears lost to the Packers, Fields was honest about his thoughts on that idea. 

"I'm not. You can. But I'm not. I'm not doing that," Fields said. 

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