Fifty coaches and evaluators rank Mitch Trubisky 32nd among NFL quarterbacks

July 27, 2020
 /  by Bryan Perez

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky is no stranger to being ranked near the bottom of any list involving the league's quarterbacks entering the 2020 season. But this latest tiering stings just a little bit more.

The Athletic recently surveyed 50 NFL coaches and evaluators for a ranking of the current crop of passers in the league, and you guessed it, Trubisky didn't do all that well. He ranked 32nd.

Trubisky fell into Tier 4, which according to The Athletic is reserved for unproven players with upside or veterans best suited to be a backup.

The analysis wasn't pretty.

“I don’t see any elite trait,” a defensive coach told The Athletic. “Trubisky doesn’t have a great arm. Josh Allen has a freak-show arm. Trubisky is an OK athlete, but he is not this super-dynamic athlete. Usually, the guys like that who make it are mentally ahead of everyone else, but I didn’t get that from him, either. I did not see him diagnosing, getting the ball out in 1.5 seconds, knowing where to go with it. We caught him on a couple disguises. I’m like, what does this guy do? What is his X-Man ability?”

The biggest Trubisky-backers will have a hard time disagreeing with that assessment. The former No. 2 overall pick just hasn't provided fans with enough quality moments to feel confident in his long-term projection. And remember: we're entering Year 4! It's not like Trubisky has a limited number of pro starts or is entering his first full season as a starter. There's more than enough of a body of work to feel relatively comfortable with assessing who he is at this point. So, yeah, maybe he's a guy destined to become a quality backup.


As for Nick Foles? He ranked higher than Trubisky at No. 26, but it's not like he was lauded as a franchise-changing quarterback for the Bears either.

Here's what one personnel director said:

“You can win with him, but everything has to be right and you have to play his type of offense. You saw what they did with him when they won the Super Bowl with the Eagles. They went back to Chip Kelly’s offense a little bit, a lot of read-option, play-action off the read option and threw it when they had to throw it. If he has to throw it every down, you are going to lose games.”

The recipe for success in Chicago in 2020 will be two parts: 1) a ferocious defense that keeps opponents out of the end zone, and 2) an effective running game that sets up play-action and easy throws for either Trubisky or Foles to complete. 

If the Bears' season comes down to either Trubisky or Foles having to win more games than they manage, Chicago will be in a heap of trouble.