Food at Super Bowl 57 and how much it costs


Attending the Super Bowl costs a pretty penny, with the average ticket price running just under $5,000. But the expenses don't stop there. 

One of the sneakiest costs lies at the concession stand, where fans can quickly rack up $30 and $40 charges in one trip. 

Here's a look at some of the concession prices at Super Bowl LVII and snacks unique to Arizona:

Candy - $5

The sticker shock of candy at Super Bowl LVII is surprisingly low. 

While still well above the actual cost at a grocery store, these prices are par for the course at movie theaters and airports. Candy also happens to be one of the lowest prices options for fans at State Farm Stadium.

Bottled water - $6.50

Bottled water is as classic as it gets when it comes to stadium markups. Over the course of an entire Super Bowl, these can add up.

Peanuts - $7

Peanuts are synonymous with baseball, but that's not stopping them from crashing the Super Bowl party. For $7 a bag, you can enjoy the snack of America's former pastime while watching America's current pastime. 

Smoothies - $9.50

Many years, enjoying a smoothing on Super Bowl Sunday would be out of the question. But, the advantage of 70-plus degree weather in Arizona is everything's back on the table.

For $9.50, fans can pick between strawberry, piña colada or mango orange -- all with banana. There's also frozen lemonade for those who opt to avoid dairy. 


Fruit kabobs - $10

Staying in the tropical family are fruit kabobs. The options at State Farm Stadium include strawberry-banana and strawberry-brownie, both with the option to be drizzled in mike or and white chocolate. That same booth also sells frozen cheesecake on a stick and apple blossom with warm caramel for the price of $10. 

Beer and cocktails: $8 - $22.50

The award for most expensive Super Bowl concession unsurprisingly goes to ... alcohol. 

For $8, fans can enjoy a Bud Zero, the non-alcohol drink that made headlines ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. From there, prices only increase with canned cocktails going for $15, premium draft going for $16 all the way up to $22.50 for a double of the premium selection.