How Alex Brown takes Packers hate to the next level


You don’t have to play long in Chicago to understand the importance of the Bears-Packers rivalry. And the longer you play, the more important that one game becomes. For someone who played as long, and as passionately, as Alex Brown that disdain for the Packers can start to seep into his personal life.

“I have a problem,” said Brown on the latest episode of the Under Center Podcast. “I have a serious problem right now because my daughter's high school is green and white. First time in my life, I got green s— in my house. Legit. I have a problem. I have one, one Buford High School women's basketball shirt. And it eats me up because we don't wear green. In my closet, I'm telling you, in my closet, three colors I do not have—  two colors I do not have, two colors I do not have together. I have a red shirt and I have a black shirt. I don't have red and black, that’s Georgia. I don't do that. And I don't have green. So now I'm having to implement that into my wardrobe now. And it's just like, ugghhhh, like, it's bothering me. It’s really, truly bothering me.”

For Brown, the respect for the Bears’ rivalry with the Packers stems from his appreciation for the sport’s history.


“Seeing Miss Virginia McCaskey blows my mind,” Brown said. “Because her dad started this sport, or helped start the sport that we love so much and it just blows my mind. I can't believe, like, this is her. And when I walk up, she says ‘Alex,’ and I’m like ‘What? She knows me. She knows my name. The woman, the daughter of the guy that helped start the NFL knows my name.’ It blows my mind. It truly does. Like, I am blown away.”

So when players like Jim McMahon or Julius Peppers defect to head up north, Brown says he understands, but making a move like that would be his last resort.

“I’m not going to sit up here and lie to you and tell you if the Packers offered me $20 million dollars, I ain’t gonna go play. Aight, I’m going to play. But for outside looking in on Pep, it was, ‘They're going to pay me, I'll go play.’ I got to think about that. Is there anybody else? Because I'll take less to go somewhere else. You know what I mean?”

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