December 29, 2019

The play of Mitch Trubisky has been a hot-button topic since he took over as the Bears’ starting quarterback last season.

Last year, he was a polarizing figure with the Bears going 12-4 and Trubisky showing flashes of good and bad plays. This year, with the Bears out of the playoffs before the final two games of the season, the narrative on Trubisky is more consistently negative.

Four former Bears, Lance Briggs, Alex Brown, Matt Forte and Olin Kreutz, gave their opinions of Trubisky on the Football Aftershow after the Bears beat the Vikings in the season finale. They didn’t hold back.

Lance Briggs: "I think we all have a good idea of who he is as a football player. He’s probably a fine fellow off the field. He’s probably a fine guy, nice enough, but I know who he is as a football player... He’s a quarterback that doesn’t read defenses very well, can create more time with his feet and if there’s guys that are wide open he can find ways to get the ball to him. Not consistent."

Alex Brown: “He’s a quarterback that you need to surround him with talent in order for that team to win. I don’t think he makes guys better and I don’t want that guy as my quarterback if I am building my team around the quarterback position. Now, if you want to build your team around the defense and running the football, he can help you win. He can because then you’ll be forced to run the ball and then go off of play-action, getting him out of the pocket, stuff like that. But if you’re going to have him throw the ball 40-45 times a game, he’s not the guy. He’s just not. That didn’t take this year. They could have said that 16 games ago. He’s just not the guy for me.”

Matt Forte: “As a football player I think Mitch is the picture of inconsistency at quarterback. It’s not like he doesn’t have weapons. You got Allen Robinson. You actually have a good running back if they would use him and they have to find a way to use Tarik to help him out. Guys like Taylor Gabriel have been injured, but you have some weapons out there. He’s the picture of inconsistency at quarterback. He is a guy who you can protect or kind of hide with a run game, kind of like how Kirk Cousins does. You’re not going to put him out there and say ‘Go win the game.’ That’s not the guy. In the grand scheme of things, Mitch is a serviceable backup in the NFL. I don’t think he’s a starter.”

Olin Kreutz: “After this year you feel like he doesn’t have it. When you watched him play, you just don’t... He doesn’t have good awareness in the pocket. He doesn’t process information well right now. You got to run the ball and get him on the move for him to have any success.”

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