Cover your eyes Chicago Bears fans. You may not like what's about to come next.

Former double-doink artist Cody Parkey is back in the NFL after signing with the Tennessee Titans on Wednesday, and he addressed the Bear-sized elephant in the room when asked about his mental approach to his craft after the devastating loss to the Eagles in January's wildcard playoff game.

“It’s a new year,” Parkey said Wednesday. “It’s 2019, not ’18 anymore. We’re chugging along, and I’m just excited to be a Titan.”

So, about that whole 'it's not 2018 anymore' part? Someone may want to remind Parkey that his botched kick did, in fact, take place in 2019. But that's beside the point.

“I think everything happens for a reason," Parkey said. "So there’s a reason I’m here in Tennessee, and I’m looking forward to the game on Sunday.”

There absolutely IS a reason why Parkey is a Titan and no longer a Bear. It's the same reason Chicago didn't advance to face the Rams in the NFC divisional round last season, and the same reason Parkey waited six weeks into the 2019 season to land a job.

Then again, if we count both doinks, maybe it's two reasons.