Former Bear Kyle Long weighs in on Arlington Heights move


Former Chicago Bear Kyle Long has always been vocal about his opinions and definitely isn't shy when it comes to social media.

The offensive lineman took to Twitter to share his take on the Chicago Bears getting one step closer to calling Arlington Heights their new home.

Bears twitter also made their thoughts clear since the Bears announced signing a Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) for Arlington Park on Wednesday.

Some fans used colorful vocabulary in their tweets, but this fan seemed pretty calm about the move calling it a "minor bummer".

Additionally, Long isn't the only player that wants the Bears to stay at Soldier Field.

Former Bear Devin Hester weighed in his thoughts about the move, emphasizing tradition on the field during his college days at the University of Miami.

"I don't agree with it," Hester said on the Under Center Podcast with Kenneth Davis. "Now, we had this thing called the "OB", which is called the Orange Bowl. It's a tradition that was in that field when you think about all the great players that came through the University of Miami that played in the OB, and then to tear it down and then move to another location? It only not took away the tradition but it took away some of the excitement and some of the wins.

"I don't want to curse the Bears, but once we moved away and they tore that stadium down... the season wasn't the same, man."


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