Reports dispute fight between Bears first-round pick, Giants coach


Former Bears first-round draft pick Marc Colombo has been fired from his role as New York Giants offensive line coach, and there are some conflicting reports as to why it all went down.

It’s a surprising move since the Giants have finally started running the ball well after struggling practically the entire year. So something had to have gone down within the team, right?

According to radio host Jason McIntyre, Colombo and head coach Joe Judge got into a fist fight, after which Colombo was obviously fired.

But after that report, many other reporters came out to refute that tweet.

Several reporters say the way things actually went down was that Judge had been spending more time helping with the O-Line, leading to the improvement on the field. In order to focus more on the rest of the team, Judge wanted to bring in a consultant to work alongside Colombo. It was Colombo’s reaction to that news that got him fired.

According to Mike Garafolo, Colombo didn’t throw any punches, but he was “throwing around some words you don’t say to your boss.”

Colombo was drafted by the Bears in the first round of the 2002 draft. He played in the NFL until 2011 and has been an offensive line coach since 2016.