As soon as Aaron Rodgers got a text from his agent during the 2020 NFL Draft, he knew he was in for a long night.

In a video published by The Ringer on Tuesday, Rodgers took fans through his night after the Packers drafted Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

“When (the Packers) traded up, I definitely perked up a little bit,” Rodgers said. “Then I got a text, because everything is so delayed, I got a text from my agent… and he just texted, ‘quarterback.’ I was like, ‘Oh, wow, ok.’

“I love scotch, but I’ve been drinking some sipping tequila as well. So as soon as I got that text, I went to the pantry and poured myself about four fingers. I knew it was going to be one of those nights where people start calling and there was going to be, you know, ‘Hey, is everything fine? Are you ok?’ And I’m like ‘Ya, fine.’”

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But being fine is definitely not the same as being happy.

“I definitely wasn’t elated with the pick,” Rodgers said. “Especially being one game away from the Super Bowl, feeling like we’re a couple players away. But, at the same time I understand it’s a business. I know that’s the reality.”


Even though he understands the decision, if you want to compare this to when the Packers drafted Rodgers to eventually replace Brett Favre, Rodgers isn’t buying it.

“As much as people want to make parallels to certain things, in 2004 the Packers were 10-6 and lost in the first round of the playoffs. We were 13-3 and one game from the Super Bowl, won a playoff game at home, obviously won our division.

“A little different circumstance, not to mention that Brett had talked about retiring for a few years before that, and I’ve talked about playing into my 40s. So when people start talking about the parallels to this and that, you know I fell to 24. They traded up and drafted Jordan.”

For added context, Rodgers is 36 years old. But he reiterates he doesn’t take it personally.

“I get it, I really do. I don’t harbor any ill will about it. Was I bummed out? Of course, who wouldn’t be?... It just kind of is what it is.”

Taking the hypothetical parallels one step further, could Rodgers envision himself in a Bears jersey, just like Favre ended his career with the Vikings? Rodgers just laughs it off.

“Oh man, that’s a tough thought right there.”


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