Ohhhhhhhh baby do I have some hot Tom Brady gossip for you all. 

Did Tom Brady announce his free agency decision himself? he did not Not technically.

Oh okay, so, the team announced they were signing Tom Brady? no, not that either I mean, no, but. 

Does this news actually have anything to do with the Bears? nope It could! 

Is this just another ad for Hulu? Probably! Probably! 

While we we're all waiting on those made-for-primetime combine drills to start, tidbits surrounding Tom Brady's camp's thoughts on free agency found their way onto Twitter, universally considered the safest place for reliable news: 

Jeff Darlington feels that way. Do other people? 

It's not looking good! Tell that to people in Los Angeles or Indianapolis or Miami or Tennessee or Las Vegas. The exciting part is that there's *more* speculation. We're not even done! 


Maybe it's posturing or maybe Tom wants to go play somewhere warm -- or under a roof, at least -- for the last couple years of his career. We'll find out in *checks calendar* ... three weeks. For now, all we can do is keep dreaming of Tom Brady's RESTORE billboards.