How Raiders praise for Carr may affect Bears trade for Wilson


Raiders GM Mike Mayock added an interesting wrinkle to the QB carousel when he addressed the media on Wednesday. His comments speak to the possible outcomes of more than just the guys in Las Vegas too.

‘Tis the season for GMs to gas up different players in the media, so it’s important to take the comments with a grain of salt. But no matter how you slice it, those are no uncertain terms that the Raiders value Carr. A lot.

It’s previously been reported that the Raiders would prefer to move Marcus Mariota than Carr, so this statement could cement that thinking. Or maybe Mayock is driving up the price for parties interested in Carr? There’s a lot of smoke in this time before the draft (remember Carson Wentz rumors???) so it’s hard to truly tell. Either way, it does help inform how much Ryan Pace would have to give up to trade for Carr, or Mariota.

Outside Vegas, this could have permutations for a possible Russell Wilson deal too. It’s been reported that Wilson would waive his no-trade clause for four teams: the Bears, Cowboys, Raiders and Saints. If the Raiders are truly this happy with Carr, they could be uninterested in making a deal for Wilson. Or maybe they’re interested, but they don’t match the price that Pace offers. Again, either way we can infer a bit of info about a possible Wilson deal.

Eliminating a team from contention for a possible trade obviously increases the odds of Pace winning the Wilson sweepstakes. Of course things need to escalate further to get to that point, first. There’s still no indication Wilson has requested a trade from the Seahawks yet, so Seattle has no real need to deal away one of the best quarterbacks in the game. But if they do, the path for Wilson to end up on the Bears may have one less hurdle.


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