If this is Jay Cutler's reason for quitting Instagram, honestly, it makes sense


In ethology, the term imprinting describes when an animal "narrows its social preferences to an object as a result of exposure to that object." Most commonly seen among young birds, imprinting is nature's way of forging a psychological bond between two entities. Wherever one goes, the other follows, and vice-versa. Two bits of cosmic energy, destined to be forever intertwined. 

So, about Jay Cutler's Instagram: it's gone! If you Google 'Jay Cutler Instagram' his profile still shows up, but when you click on the link it brings up a 404-page, which feels like a pretty sick joke. All of this happened so fast that it's hard to keep up (not too hard though lol don't worry), and today we've apparently learned the why  behind everything. According to Page Six, E! News,, Us Magazine, and, Jay deleted the account after catching too much flak on Instagram after his ex-wife, Kristin Cavallari, recently posted a photo with her Laguna Beach co-star Stephen Colletti. It may surprise you to learn that the comments section still sucks?: 


"A source tells E! News, 'In the wake of the photo, Jay was getting a lot of heat on social media. He was over it and deleted his account,'" a recent article reads. "It's unclear what type of comments were being made to Jay, as his account was wiped from the social media app all together."

This is just a stark reminder that Jay Cutler doesn't need Instagram. Instagram needs Jay Cutler, I need Jay Cutler's Instagram, but Jay Cutler doesn't care about any of that. Jay Cutler cares about chickens and ridin' hogs with the lads and leaning back in adirondack chairs with an expensive cigar. If I had Jay Cutler's life I would not be on Instagram, or any social media, or anyone's radar. Don't cry that it's over, smile that it happened.