If you didn't love him already, wait until you hear that Eddy Piñeiro is practicing at Soldier Field tomorrow

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If you didn't love him already, wait until you hear that Eddy Piñeiro is practicing at Soldier Field tomorrow

There are certain aspects of fall in Chicago that other cities just can’t replicate. Whether it’s the first cold wind swirling through a playoff game at Wrigley, the 4:15 sunset, or endless optimism about Northwestern football turning it around in time for a New Years Six run, Chicago’s autumn overflows with rich tradition.

The Granddaddy of Them All, though, is the annual inquiry that’s as time-honored as asking for giardiniera and then picking off like half of it because god, that’s so much giardiniera. 

Will the Bears’ kicker be practicing at Soldier Field??

It’s long been the harbinger of whether a kicker Has What It Takes to succeed here. Robbie Gould loved [loved] to talk about how much he practiced at Soldier, and Cody Parkey avoided heading south on I-90 like his job depended on it. Kickers will say it doesn't make or break their ability to hit field goals on the infamously-rough field, but the court of public opinion can be just as unforgiving.

As for Eddy Piñeiro? He *will* be working out at Soldier Field. Exhale! Special teams coordinator Chris Tabor confirmed the practice session during his weekly media session from Halas Hall on Thursday, saying that the kicker plans to head into the city to work on some things. 

“We do [plan on going],” said Tabor, a man of few words. “In fact we're going to head down tomorrow.” 

Kicking at Soldier only gets tougher when the temperatures dip. Much of the reason Piñeiro made it through a shaky start to OTAs and training camp is because what he lacked in accuracy, he made up for in leg talent. 

After pinching a nerve in his kicking knee during a weight room session, many wondered whether he’ll still have enough power to hit some of the long-range kicks. According to the Bears, however, his rehab is progressing as planned and the power hasn’t left. 

“He's fine,” Tabor also said, seemingly unconcerned with word count requirements for kicker updates. “Kicked well yesterday.”

In fact, Pineiro’s already at a place where he and the team feel that he’s close to returning to kickoffs. 

“Hoping so,” Tabor added, commendably committed to the bit. “We're working on it and we'll see where that's at.” 

So there you have it: Eddy Pineiro is practicing at Soldier Field tomorrow, feels almost 100 percent again, and may be back on kickoffs this Sunday. 

2020 NFL Draft: Where do the Bears pick entering Week 12?

2020 NFL Draft: Where do the Bears pick entering Week 12?

Now that the Bears' 2019 season is essentially over, it's time to start paying closer attention to the 2020 NFL draft order. Even without a first-round pick, the Bears hold two valuable selections in the second round.

Last year's Khalil Mack trade included the Raiders' second-round selection this April. After Chicago's loss to the Rams and Oakland's victory over the Bengals, those two second-rounders are currently the 46th and 51st picks overall. To put that in perspective, last year's 46th pick was cornerback Greedy Williams (Browns) and the 51st pick was wide receiver A.J. Brown (Titans). Both are promising players who will be starters in the NFL for a long time.

And let's not forget the Bears have some history with the 51st selection. They used it in 2018 to select wide receiver Anthony Miller, who despite not having the year many expected from him in 2019, still offers playmaking upside as a starter in Matt Nagy's offense moving forward.

Here is the current 2020 NFL draft order entering Week 12:

1. Bengals (0-10)
2. Redskins (1-9)
3. Giants (2-8)
4. Dolphins (2-8)
5. Jets (3-7)
6. Buccaneers (3-7)
7. Broncos (3-7)
8. Falcons (3-7)
9. Cardinals (3-7-1)
10. Lions (3-6-1)
11. Chargers (4-7)
12. Jaguars (4-6)
13. Browns (4-6)
14. Raiders (from Bears) (4-6)
15. Eagles (5-5)
16. Dolphins (from Steelers) (5-5)
17. Titans (5-5)
18. Panthers (5-5)
19. Raiders (6-4)
20. Jaguars (from Rams) (6-4)
21. Cowboys (6-4)
22. Colts (6-4)
23. Dolphins (from Texans) (6-4)
24. Vikings (8-3)
25. Chiefs (7-4)
26. Bills (7-3)
27. Packers (8-2)
28. Seahawks (8-2)
29. Ravens (8-2)
30. Saints (8-2)
31. Patriots (9-1)
32. 49ers (9-1) 

Power Rankings Roundup: Everyone's just as confused about the Mitch Trubisky injury as you are

Power Rankings Roundup: Everyone's just as confused about the Mitch Trubisky injury as you are

Even after scoring seven points in a loss that basically eliminated them from playoff contention, the Bears didn't see a lot of movement in the Power Rankings. People are just kind of confused. Was Mitch Trubisky injured? Was he benched? We he benched because he was injured? The Bears' losses have gotten weirder and weirder as the season's gone on. Here's what they're saying: – #23
Mitchell Trubisky exited Sunday night's loss to the Rams with a hip injury, but you can forgive the general public for wondering if Bears coach Matt Nagy was looking for a way out. 

ESPN – #20
All Kwiatkoski does is make plays when given the opportunity. The reserve linebacker has been pressed into action multiple times this season because of issues with Roquan Smith and Danny Trevathan, and Kwiatkoski has responded each time.

Bleacher Report – #19
The Chicago Bears are toast. They aren't going to repeat as NFC North champions. Or make a second consecutive trip to the postseason.

Yahoo! Sports – #21
I think I believe the Bears when they say Mitchell Trubisky’s hip was hurting. It’s also hard to believe he would have come out of the game under better circumstances.

USA Today – #23
Khalil Mack was completely shut out of box score Sunday night despite going against Rams offense line that's been much maligned this year.

CBS Sports – #21
What's going on with Mitch Trubisky? Was he really hurt, leading to his benching? This thing has gone bad in a big way.

Sporting News – #20 
The Bears' defense is doing its best to hold up with the offense remaining anemic, save for a few random big plays. A bad break-up seems more imminent for Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky in one way or another.