Alex Brown offers interesting alternative to Graham's apology tweet


Jimmy Graham did not shy away from the fact that he played poorly in big moments for the Bears on Sunday. He apologized for that poor play on Twitter, but Alex Brown wasn’t buying it on the Football Aftershow.

Here’s the tweet Graham sent after the game:

“Oh we know you were terrible,” Brown said on Football Aftershow. “We know, we watched the game… I need you to play better on Sunday, I don’t need you to go on Twitter so you can own it.”

If Graham’s apology is truly sincere, Brown suggests he put his money where his mouth is.

“You still get your check,” Brown said. “Turn down that check this week, how about that? Donate the check, how about that? But don’t come up with that ‘I’m sorry.’ Don’t give me that, I don’t like that ‘I’m sorry’ stuff. Go do your job.”

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Graham was only able to reel in two catches on seven targets, and dropped several balls that could’ve helped the Bears’ struggling offense.

While Brown was talking big, his former teammates weren’t going to let him off the hook easily for his own past interactions with the media.

“You never apologized?” said Lance Briggs. “You never apologized for a bad play?”

“Nope,” said Brown. ‘Nope.”

“You used to play the media like that,” said Olin Kreutz.

“I’m not doing that man,” Brown said. “Getting out there on Twitter, a little twitter.”

“Remember they were holding you a lot,” said Briggs. “You went out and were like, ‘They were holding me a lot today.’”


“Wow, I thought you were better than that,” said host David Kaplan.

After that, Brown finally conceded.

“I’m not.”