Kelly Clarkson and Kirk Cousins sing 'Since You've Been Gone' Tom Brady edition

Kelly Clarkson and Kirk Cousins

Kelly Clarkson made a statement as the first woman to host the NFL Honors on Thursday night.

Minnesota Vikings' QB Kirk Cousins walked on the stage with a chain of bling around his neck and joined the Grammy-award winning singer to perform a hilarious rendition of "Since You've Been Gone" in honor of Tom Brady.

"I'm sorry Kelly, I just wanted to sing one quick tribute song to Tom Brady on behalf of all the other quarterbacks in our league," Cousins said. "Would that be OK?"

"Alright, shine bright like a diamond", Clarkson responded, giving the floor to Cousins.

"Since You've Been Gone" cover by Kelly Clarkson and Kirk Cousins:

COUSINS: Tom's won seven times, went to ten. He's on some beach so maybe Kirk could win. Yeah, yeah, since he's been gone.

CLARKSON: Cause now that he's gone. Teams have hope for the first time. Brady's moving on, yeah yeah. For the GOAT, that's a wrap. Now he just posts thirst traps. Now that he's gone.

By thirst traps, Clarkson is refering to a pic the retired football legend took to social media stripped down in his brand's underwear line.

Clarkson went on to say that she was impressed with Cousins' singing ability.

"First of all, you can really sing," she said. "That doesn't really sound like a tribute. It just sounds like you're glad he's gone because it gives you and the other teams a better shot. And I am totally for this. Brady's retirement is good for him, and great for us."


Brady announced his retirement for the second time, but this time "for good" on February 1.

The 45-year-old is set to take on a new role as an NFL analyst for FOX in his next endeavor.