Kevin Butler to Robbie Gould: "Be careful what you wish for"


Current 49ers kicker Robbie Gould has been extremely the opposite of subtle when it comes to how he wants to end his career. 

Gould, who has yet to show up to any 49ers offseason programs or sign the $5 million franchise tag that was placed on him, has been vocal about returning to Chicago. 

In an article written by ESPN's Jeff Dickerson, ex-Bears kicker Kevin Butler, a Chicago legend in his own right, gave some cautionary words about Gould's strategy: 

"I've always said it to Robbie, be careful what you wish for sometimes, because it's not easy to kick in Chicago," Butler said on ESPN 1000's Waddle and Silvy Show on Tuesday. "It's certainly not easy to kick in San Francisco, but he's found a situation out there where he's been as good as there is. Can you duplicate that by coming back to Chicago? I don't know. ... It's a scary thing to mess with your legacy."

Gould's attempts to return to the Bears have gotten louder of late, with his last comment explicitly stating that "[He's] unsure if [he] wants to play [in San Francisco] anymore," and mentioned wanting to be closer to his family during the season. 

The Offseason of The Kicker rages on. Tune in next week when some new piece of news comes out that totally dwarfs this one! Kicker content!