Our Bears Insider JJ Stankevitz talked with Kevin White recently, and the wide-ranging conversation touched on all sorts of on- and off-field topics. One bit of especially interesting conversation came when White got into the lengths he would go in order to prove that he isn't the 'bust' that many label him to be: 

But I just wish I could’ve gave the city of Chicago the talent that they drafted. That’s what I was fighting so hard for, I gotta show the fans. If I could at least show the fans? Chicago, don’t pay me. Pay me zero dollars. But I need to show the fans. I have to. I have to. I need to. I feel like that would’ve made me happy and been like okay, at least I gave them one year. But I would play this game for free. 

Exaggeration or not, it's clear that White still feels the desire to get back onto an NFL roster. He's going to continue training and hope that his phone rings once NFL training camps start this summer. The rest, as he says, is out of his control: 

Some dudes are like man, you got the money, why are you still playing? Why are you putting your body through this? Man, because it’s not about the money for me. Yes, it makes some things easier, buying the things you want and stuff like that. But the materialistic things could be here today, gone tomorrow. I want the thing that’s gonna last forever, like man, you remember Kevin White against Detroit when he did (that)? Or a little kid that wants to play football that’s like man, I look up to Kevin White. He went through not playing at all in high school to junior college to missing a season to getting drafted, three injuries and then to get to Arizona, injury, and now look. That’s the story I want.


You can read the full story right here, and listen to the entire interview on the latest episode of the Under Center Podcast: 

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