Why Briggs thinks we haven't seen last of Trubisky


If you think you’ve seen the last of Mitch Trubisky in a Bears uniform, Lance Briggs says you should think again.

“There is no guarantee, and something could happen,” Briggs said on the Football Aftershow following the Bears’ Week 3 win. “Mitch could be back.”

Olin Kreutz pointed towards Nick Foles’ injury history and agreed with Briggs.

“Stay ready young man!” said Kreutz. “He’s got a good chance to play again. Foles you kind of know what you’re going to get. He comes in relief, he plays really well. Hopefully for the Bears he does stay healthy for the rest of this year and coach Nagy has found the quarterback for his offense.

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“But Mitch Trubisky: stay ready young man because you could get another chance to play in this league… You’re one play away with a guy who shows you he’s never played 16 games.”

It’s true. The most games Foles has played in a season is 13, and had his 2012, 2014 and 2019 seasons cut short due to injuries. He missed games in 2013 due to injuries as well.

But while Foles is healthy and starting, Alex Brown said this could be a chance for Trubisky to develop more as a quarterback

“Go back, watch Foles at practice,” Brown said. “Go over all this stuff with him, because if and when you do come back it’s going to be a big situation.”

“Mitch has a chance to watch someone who’s been successful in the NFL, and he’s never really had that chance,” Kreutz said. “He watched Mike Glennon his first year. They brought in Chase Daniel to hold the clipboard. You have a chance to learn from a veteran and to watch him play, and a lot of times for a young guy that can really help.


“I don’t think his career is over by any means.”