Why Lance Briggs thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick should lead Bears


Despite Mitchell Trubisky’s resurgence over the last quarter of the season, the Bears’ quarterback situation is as murky as ever when looking ahead to 2021. The team opted to decline Trubisky’s fifth-year option, and reports say they won’t discuss his future in Chicago until the season’s over. Meanwhile the Nick Foles experiment failed and his contract will make him difficult to move. A trade is unlikely, and cutting him will eat into the Bears’ already limited cap space next season.

So what to do? On Football Aftershow, Lance Briggs said he thinks another journeyman with a penchant for exciting wins could be the answer.

“I think you should go and get Ryan FitzMagic,” Briggs said. “He’s a high risk, high reward guy, but he tends to be high reward early. He can come in and move the offense. He’s vetted. He went to Harvard, so you know he’s smart. There’s a lot of things, he’s got a lot of intangibles.”

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In a year where rookie Tua Tagovailoa has been up and down, Fitzpatrick has looked like the better quarterback in Miami this season. In games he’s started, the Dolphins have gone 4-3. In addition, Fitzpatrick has been called upon to act as a closer of sorts, leading to an incredible comeback against the Raiders in Week 16 to keep Miami’s playoff dreams alive.

Further, Fitzpatrick’s 2,091 passing yards, 7.8 yards/attempt, 68.5 completion percentage and 95.6 QB rating best all the numbers that both Trubisky and Foles put up this season.


But Football Aftershow host David Kaplan questioned Briggs’ choice, saying Fitzpatrick was getting old. Briggs didn’t flinch, however.

“He’s a quarterback,” Briggs said while shrugging his shoulders.

It’s true, age is often just a number for quarterbacks in today’s NFL. With more penalties called to protect the guys under center, guys like Tom Brady (43), Drew Brees (41) and Philip Rivers (39) still getting it done in their advanced ages, there’s no reason to doubt Fitzpatrick’s (38) ability to play a few more seasons.

While he may not be the answer Bears fans look for at QB next season, Fitzpatrick would certainly make things interesting.