Aaron Rodgers reveals eye-catching first tattoo


Aaron Rodgers recently got his first-ever tattoo at age 38.

And the new ink is far from subtle. 

The Green Bay Packers quarterback took to Instagram on Wednesday to reveal the eye-catching, intricate design he had tattooed on what appears to be the inside of his forearm.

“There’s a deep and meaningful story and connection to absolutely each element of this art piece, and I’ll share a little more about that one day,” Rodgers wrote in the caption of the post. “For now, just thankful for [Balazs Bercsenyi] and his patience and artistry. #tattoo #astrology #theelements”

Rodgers certainly didn't play it safe with his first tattoo, as there’s a lot going on. The tattoo seems to have an astrology theme, but the entire meaning of it all will require an explanation from the back-to-back NFL MVP himself.

One thing that’s for sure is that the ink will be hard to miss while watching Packers games this coming season.