Luke Getsy on Fields: 'No one moves like that guy'


When asked to compare Fields' mobility to anyone at the Senior Bowl, Luke Getsy laughed at the question. 

"No one moves like that guy," Getsy said with a chuckle. "That's a bad comparison."

Indeed, no one moves like Fields. 

In fact, only six players in the NFL moved more yards as a rusher last season than Fields. And they were all running backs. 

Fields set a benchmark of his own last season, becoming the third quarterback in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards while coming just short of Lamar Jackson's single-season rushing record by the season's end – 63 yards to be exact. 

He broke league and franchise records, including the most quarterback rushing yards in a single game (178) and the longest quarterback rushing touchdown (67 yards).

This is all to say that the Bears are set at quarterback. As he answered a question while watching collegiate quarterback prospects, Getsy denied the idea that any of the players are comparable to Fields. 

Even if he didn't say it, that same thinking should apply to the top quarterbacks in the draft. 

The focus for Getsy moving into the offseason is how to concoct an offense that incorporates Fields' rushing ability, while adding in the usage of his long ball. 

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Getsy answered that question at the Senior Bowl, saying the Bears can't shy away from it, but also can't make it their identity – much like they did this past season.


“It’s got to be a part of who you are, [but] in the NFL, it’s hard for it to be who you are — you just don’t last,” Getsy said to the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s got to be a part of us and he’s really, really good at it. He’s really good at a lot of things. So we’ve got to make sure we just tap into each one of those things, but [running], for sure, has to be a part of who we are going forward.”

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