Don't get it confused, the people over at Madden know what they're doing. 

Like 2 weeks ago, they released their rookie ratings, and people got kinda mad!  

Today, the QB RATINGS are out, and hoo boy, friends, people are still mad: 

Storm the studios! Craft your snarkiest tweet!! Boycott Madden!!!! /T.O. voice THAT'S THEIR QUARTERBACK. 

With that said, there's perhaps at least some legitimate beef to be had with these ratings; Trubisky is probably not THAT much worse, if worse at all, than Marcus Mariota, or Derek Carr, or Andy Dalton. Bears Twitter fiercely defends Trubisky (*PFF nods solemnly*) so being told that their QB is -- in a video game -- the 24th-best will probably not sit well, but hey, let's find out:

It goes on and on and on and on and on but you get the point. 

I pity whoever's in charge of running Madden's Twitter account today.