ESPN analysts see division in Bears locker room


The Bears lost their fourth consecutive game on Monday Night. The offense struggled once again, failing to find the end zone.

The lone touchdown the Bears scored came from a Cordarrelle Patterson kickoff return.

The defense, on the other hand, was stellar once again. Khalil Mack intercepted a Kirk Cousins pass, Tashaun Gipson Sr. recovered a fumble.

And it's the division between a Super Bowl caliber defense and horrendous offense that can cause the Bears' locker room to implode.

"This is professional football... we get paid to win. You're costing the defensive players money," former Colts center Jeff Saturday said on ESPN's Get Up. "We're talking about playoff checks, we're talking about big contracts at the end of the year.

"You're looking over at this guy, man, y'all are straight scrubs."

Then Saturday broke down what happens.

"When you start walking into that locker room, every guy starts thinking just do your job. We have enough talent to do something, you can't convert on third downs, it's just not enough. That frustration begins to build, I'm telling you," Saturday said.

"I've been on teams... you start looking at guys like 'hey man, you gotta start pulling your freakin;' weight. We get paid to play, this ain't college, it ain't about friendship, it's about let's make cash.'"

And NFL veteran Marcus Spears doubled down.

"It's divided," Spears said. "You cannot hide it as professionals as Jeff was saying. Bottom line is we know how good we are and how bad you are."


Spears breaks down how offenses and defenses meet separately for film review and position group meetings and then come together on the practice field, expecting the same level of preparation and work from their counterparts.

"Yeah, there's sideways looks," Spears said. "And we messed up and mad about all of the situation (Mitch) Trubisky, (Nick) Foles, the decision making with the coaches.

"All of that stuff starts to bother you and this is usually when it boils over and you see people going different places."

Bears fans sense that, and there has been a outcry to re-sign Allen Robinson before he leaves in free agency. His agent doesn't seem pleased with the Bears play-calling and utilization of his client.

Now, Bears safety and leader Eddie Jackson admitted not capitalizing on turnovers is "frustrating" and said "we can't hide that." But Jackson tried his best to shut down any notion of potential locker room division in his post-game press conference.

"We don't got that here. It's simple," Jackson told the media.

But, he did lend some credence to the scenario as Spears explained about the defense and offense preparing separately outside of the practice field.

"We need to hold each other accountable," Jackson said. "We got a lot of great leaders on this team. So for us we just got to hold each other accountable.

"Offensive side of the guys, our leaders, we got to hold each other accountable on that side of the ball like we would on defense. And it's that simple....

"If you're not accountable for your actions and the plays you know you can make, it's not going to work out. It's that simple. So for us, we just got to continue to fight, rally around each."

The bye week might not have come at a better time.