Nagy assumes he's finishing season with Bears


Despite serious speculation that Matt Nagy may have been fired on Monday following the Bears’ 25-24 win over the Seahawks, he remains the team’s head coach. Furthermore, Nagy said he’s operating under the assumption that he will finish the season leading the Bears.

“You know every year you're always aware of the situation with your team and players, coaches, all that stuff, and we're continuing to move forward this week and prepare for the Giants,” Nagy said.

The Bears have never fired a head coach midseason, but there was a thought that might change due a new NFL rule that allows teams to interview new head coaching candidates over the final two weeks of the season, if they’ve already fired their coach, or if they’ve already informed him that he will not be returning the following year. It’s unclear if the Bears have relayed anything to Nagy about his future with the team, but Nagy said on Monday that he hasn’t had any unscheduled meetings with his bosses, nor has he gotten any indication that his year-end review may come earlier this year.

“We stay on the same path as far as the communication that we have with George, Ted, Ryan and myself, nothing's changed there,” Nagy said.

Interestingly, Ian Rapoport reported on Monday that the Bears have yet to make a “firm and final decision” regarding Nagy’s future with the team.


No matter the case, Nagy has made it clear he’s coaching to win the final two games of the season.

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