Nagy had 'lengthy' talk with NFL on flags in Steelers game


Following any NFL game, a team has the option to send plays into the league that it believes were improperly officiated for further review. The league will then go over the plays in question and report back why a flag was, or was not, thrown. In the Bears' 29-27 loss to the Steelers last week, there were several dubious calls, and non-calls, and so there was plenty for the team to ask about.

“I did have a lengthy conversation with them,” Nagy said. “And I appreciate that.

“I thought it was good to be able to talk to them and just listen to where they’re at. So that process is pretty normal. The thing that I think for myself to understand – and as they go through it – is that we all understand and I understand that whatever they’re calling, how do I make sure that whatever was called correctly, why did that happen? And if there was something that was incorrect and there’s something where they feel like they miss or they feel like we can work on, they’re going to help me out and help us out as coaches so that we can teach it properly and they can get better too.”

Beyond that, Nagy didn’t reveal much about the substance of his talks with the league officials.

“The discussions that I have with them, I’m obviously going to keep that between us. I think that’s only the right thing to do. But I do appreciate their honesty going through it.”


The biggest gripes the Bears had were a phantom low block called on James Daniels that took a touchdown off the board, a taunting penalty on Cassius Marsh that led to a Steelers field goal and numerous missed roughing the passers on late hits that Justin Fields sustained. Beyond that, there was a questionable defensive pass interference called on Jaylon Johnson too.

Usually, it’s unfair to blame referees for determining the outcome of a game, even though they’re a popular scapegoat for fans. But in last Monday’s case, you can make a legitimate argument that the officials did influence the outcome of the game, considering their controversial calls clearly led to a seven-point swing in Pittsburgh’s favor, and the Bears only lost by two.

Despite that, Nagy declined to say whether or not there was any accountability he could ask for from the league.

“That’s bigger than where I’m at right now. So I can’t一 there’s nothing I can一 that’s一 there are rules set in place for them, for us, for everybody. So I think the biggest thing to understand is our team knowing that I try to do everything I can for the why part so that it doesn’t happen anymore.”

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