Nagy applying this Giannis quote to Bears season mantra

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy was watching the NBA Finals, and like everyone, came away even more impressed with Giannis Antetokounmpo after he added a championship to his two MVP awards.

Notably, this one answer to a question from Giannis stood out to Nagy.

The cliff notes version is "When you focus on the past, that's your ego... And when I focus on the future it's my pride... And I kind of like to focus in the moment, in the present. And that's humility. That's being humble."

And for Nagy, it's the perfect mantra for the Bears and one he said "is going up in all four of my kids' bedrooms."

Nagy invoked the quote when answering another deluge of questions about rookie quarterback Justin Fields' path to being named the starting quarterback. He and general manager Ryan Pace have dug their heels on that issue, repeatedly stating Andy Dalton is the starting quarterback.

But on the first day of training camp, Nagy was asked if Fields could convince him he is the starter.

"For Justin, for Andy, for Nick (Foles), their job is to go into this thing and do exactly what you just said, is just dominate," Nagy told the media. "For all of us, to make it as hard as you possibly can at every position. We don't even get into that part of it. We just say listen, go play ball. Be the best you can be.


"Trust me, just like everybody in here and our city, I want Justin Fields to be electric. That's what we all want. But for us, we're worried about today. That's all we can.

Then Nagy invoked Giannis' quote and added: "You can't worry about the past. You can't worry about the future. We're going to worry about right now, today. That's all we can do."

Nagy also acknowledged the hype among the fanbase and even within the organization and noted it's the organization's responsibility to "insulate (Fields) and handle this the right way in a big market."

That won't stop Nagy from acknowledging good practices from Fields, but he won't linger on them. Fields and other rookies have been practicing for three days leading into training camp and Fields is already showing improvement.

"I was really impressed with the way that Justin came back from OTAs until these last three days of in and out of the huddle and seeing things. You could see he did his homework," Nagy said. 

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