Irvin: Foles leads Bears to Super Bowl, he's with Manning, Warner


Nick Foles mania began suddenly and with a Mike Breen BANG last week.

But now he's the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears, and there are 13 games left and a whole bunch of expectations after an undefeated start to the season.

But for Foles, it's also a chance to define his career's legacy according to Hall of Fame receiver turned media pundit, Michael Irvin.

"All I can think about is, wait a minute... if Nick Foles does this again, what he did in Philly when he took over for a good football team in Week 15, he went 5-1, they won the Super Bowl and he won Super Bowl MVP. Now Nick Foes takes over in Chicago, if he does this again, I was thinking to myself, wow, if he wins it he's up there with Peyton Manning," Irvin said on NFL GameDay. "But even if he gets his team to the Super Bowl, he's up there with Kurt Warner.

"That's Kurt Warner and Peyton Manning. Does he get a chance to get a gold jacket like you guys too, if he does this?"

The comparison to Peyton Manning is his legacy as the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different NFL franchises. Foles winning a Super Bowl with the Bears would be his second.

The comparison to Kurt Warner is his Super Bowl win with the then-St. Louis Rams and leading the Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl, which they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Craig Morton started a Super Bowl for both the Cowboys and Denver Broncos, but lost in both endeavors.


Those are some lofty comparisons, but if he leads the Bears to a Super Bowl we'll lead the charge for the Hall of Fame induction ourselves.

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