Michael Lombardi: 'Bears have too much to lose in starting Foles'


Former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi doesn't mince his words when it comes to criticizing the Bears and quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Remember that whole Filene's Basement thing? Yeah, that was rough.

(If you don't remember, Lombardi said last season that he wouldn't buy Trubisky if he was on a discount rack at said Basement.)

Lombardi recently published his thoughts on this summer's quarterback competitions, and his take on the Bears is a hot one, to say the least.

"Everything will be scripted in training camp for Trubisky to have success," Lombardi wrote via The Athletic. "We already see the public relations machine at work, telling us Trubisky looks like a different player in terms of his conditioning. Yet, there has not been one on-the-field workout. Who cares about his conditioning? What matters more than anything is his decision-making, talent and accuracy. The faster he is forced to play, the less capable he becomes.

"The Bears have too much to lose in starting Foles. They will completely lose Trubisky mentally. Plus, Foles has never been an effective opening-day starter. He is better in a relief role, coming off the bench. In his career, Foles has never played or started in all 16 games. Why change it now?"

There's no denying Lombardi is all-in on being out on Trubisky. He's planted his flag on that hill with about as much force as anyone in the opinion-giving game. He's been so outspoken on his disgust for No. 10's ability (or lack of it) that Bears fans experience a Pavlov's dog reaction of triggered rage. 


But this opinion? There's some truth in it.

The Bears were very calculated with their decision to target Foles as Trubisky's competition for the starting job and it's hard to deny that their primary reason for doing so. Foles offers quality starter's upside but also has a non-threatening demeanor that will allow Trubisky to continue to grow as an NFL quarterback even while he's fighting for his job.

Where Lombardi is a bit off-center is in his assessment is the suggestion that the Bears have too much to lose if they start Foles. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are teetering closer to the hot seat (if not already on it), so wins matter in 2020. And if Foles is the best option to get Chicago those W's, they'll go with him. Otherwise, they'll lose more than just reputation as talent evaluators; they could lose their jobs.

Lombardi's opinions sting. But there's a kernel of truth (a tiny kernel) in this one. Even if Bears fans don't want to admit it.