At this point – if you haven't already – it's probably wise to hold off on booking any Bears-focused road trips in 2020. 

As professional sports leagues scramble to figure out what they'll look like when games begin again, it's become increasingly clear that, at first, fans won't be a part of it.

In an interview with a local radio station in Detroit on Tuesday, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer spoke in no uncertain terms about what fans can expect from any fall sports:

"There is reason to feel some confidence here," Whitmer said in an interview on the Mojo in the Morning Show on WQKI-FM (95.5). "But we also have to measure (peoples') expectations and say life’s going to be different. We’re not going to be filling stadiums in the fall."

That'd mean Bears-Lions would open the NFL season in a quiet, empty dome. While it's good news that the governor feels at least some optimism in regards to a full season, it's unsurprising to hear that there's almost no chance that fans are in seats for it. Testing capacity in the United States is still lagging, and most states' re-opening protocols require a vaccine or useful treatment to be readily available before large public gatherings are allowed again.