Mike Singletary 'would love' to see Bears get Ezekiel Elliot


Bears Hall of Fame linebacker, Mike Singletary, has a name in mind for the Bears' backfield in free agency. 

"I would love to see the Bears get Ezekiel Elliot. I would," Singletary said to USA Today Sports. "I think that would be absolutely amazing if they were able to get their hands on him. And now you got two Buckeyes in the backfield. And I really believe that, Ezekiel Elliot, he's been injured. Maybe a step here, step there and maybe can shed a few pounds (and) get back in his original form."

Indeed, Elliot would give the Bears a second Ohio State alum in the backfield with Justin Fields. Any elite running back would make an excellent duo with Fields, who rushed for 1,143 yards and eight touchdowns last season. 

Some speculate the Bears should chase a bona fide starting running back in free agency after David Montgomery, the team's mainstay workhorse for the past four seasons, bailed in free agency to the tune of a three-year deal from the Detroit Lions. 

Following Montgomery's signing with the Lions, the Bears brought in Travis Homer, a four-year veteran from the Seattle Seahawks. With that move, they effectively solidified their confidence in Khalil Herbert to become the Bears' main guy in their zone rushing offense. Signing Elliot would be counter-intuitive to their course of action so far. 

Nevertheless, with Herbert, Homer and Trestan Ebner on the roster, it's likely the Bears will go after a running back in the draft to punch in a full running back room before the season. Signing a veteran to a pricey contract wouldn't make much sense from the Bears' perspective. And if the Bears' front office had an interest in doing that, they would have signed Montgomery, based on the low $6 million per year value he received from the Lions.


Hence, the odds of them signing Elliot are low. 

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What's more on the subject, Elliot's days of being considered one of the league's top running backs are over. He isn't the same tantalizing force he was when he entered the league, leading the NFL in rushing yards in two of his first three seasons. Tony Pollard's insertion in the Cowboys' offense has taken away many of his touches, for good reason, too. 

Nevertheless, Singletary insists Elliot would bring a lot of upside to the Bears' roster. 

"Who knows what in the world that could do for the Bears when the weather really gets bad and when it starts to snow, it starts to get really cold, turn that running game loose, and let's go," Singletary said. 

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