Here is the craziest Bears QB solution we've heard so far


The Bears are getting desperate for a quarterback. Options are getting picked up off the table and scraps are being left behind.

So the Bears might need to get creative.

And boy did former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum have some wild solutions.

“You have two options," Tannenbaum said on ESPN's Get Up. Go to Europe, talk to Andrew Luck, convince him to come back. Everyone’s going to be like ‘that’s a long shot.’ Well a decade ago we ran the same play with Brett Favre and the Jets. Everyone said he’ll never come to New York, we were able to convince him to come and it was a good decision.

“The other thing is Sam Darnold. Make a trade with the Jets for Sam Darnold. Let the Jets draft Zach Wilson and move on. But Luck and Darnold are the two quarterbacks that can save Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy’s job.”

Enter Ryan Clark and Mike Greenberg with the reactions summing up all Bears' fans feelings.

Clark also pointed out the huge difference between going to Mississippi to convince Favre to come to New York and going to Europe to convince Andrew Luck to unretire. Notably the desire to play football.

“Again, you’re scouring for solutions here," Tannenbaum said doubling down. "And I’m saying to Andrew Luck, come back and win a championship, we have a great defense. You can change your legacy and then go retire.”

Fans are still clinging to trading for Russell Wilson. If the Bears are working on a trade involving Darnold just make it a three-team trade where the Bears get Wilson and the Seahawks get Darnold.


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