Quarterback Mitch Trubisky and the Bears are coming off an impressive offseason that included a new, offensive-minded head coach and several big-name free agents at wide receiver and tight end. As a result, expectations in Chicago and throughout the NFL are pretty high for the second-year passer and his teammates. 

"This offense is going to be amazing," Trubisky told Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio when discussing the difference between Matt Nagy's system and the one he operated as a rookie. "It's a fun scheme, we're going to spread the ball around, use all our playmakers, stretch the ball down the field as well as intermediate routes and we're going to use the RPO, run the ball and really just create mismatches with the personnel we got. It's been going really well so far the way the coaches taught it to us thus far.

"Coach Nagy says we're much further in the installation of the offense than he expected, and that's a great thing for us because we'll just have that many more options this year."

Trubisky will shoulder most of the pressure on offense. He has to operate Nagy's system with confidence, something he knows will be important in his ability to grow as a leader on this roster.

"The No. 1 thing for me is just earning the respect of my teammates," he said. "It's just doing your job, knowing my job inside out, step into the huddle ripping through the play call and they know I know exactly what to.


"So when I step into the huddle, getting guys lined up, if someone needs a route, making sure they're running the right route. Whatever we're doing, making my guys' jobs easier. As long as they know I'm on top of exactly what I need to do and I'm getting everyone else lined up, we're all on the same page and we're rolling. That's how I go about my business."

Trubisky has a different vibe about him this offseason, and for good reason. He's confident. He knows this is his team, something that wasn't the case as a rookie with Mike Glennon atop the depth chart. 

"Just being the guy, the starter from Day One has helped a lot," he said. "I can just lead the way I know how and really just take care of this team and decide where we go from there and just bring passion to practice every day and make sure we're headed in the right direction."

The only direction that matters in 2018 is the one pointed toward the playoffs, something the Bears haven't experienced since 2010.