Chicago Bears QB Mitch Trubisky was a guest speaker at the second annual Journal Star Best of Central Illinois Preps awards gala Monday night in Peoria, providing high school athletes with insight into what made him a successful athlete throughout his journey to becoming the No. 2 overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

"The way I was raised played a huge role into it," he said. "There were times when I was questioning is this meant to be, is this what I'm meant to do, why aren't I getting the opportunities I feel like I should be getting.

"There's a switch for me that went off. I was like, I could have a bad attitude about this and just deal with it or I could find a way to get better and continue to get my teammates better. There was hours where I was doing multiple workouts a day, taking no off days in order to improve my craft because I felt like I had to work that much harder in order to get my next opportunity."

Trubisky didn't earn a starting job until his senior season at North Carolina where he proved his hard work was worth it. He was the first quarterback drafted in 2017 but started his career as the backup to Mike Glennon.

"You could either be negative about it and just take the situation that's given to you or just work that much harder and be a positive influence and try to turn things your way. For me, it was just saying I'm not going to just deal with this. I'm going to be the best I can possibly be in whatever role I'm given, but also to find the ways to get better and make a difference and get to where I want to go in the future."


What the future holds for the Bears is a great unknown right now, but there's a lot of optimism surrounding this team. It's always that way when a new coach comes into town, but Matt Nagy is bringing a youthful energy and offensive pedigree that hasn't hasn't created this much confidence in a long time.

Trubisky stopped short of making a prediction for 2018 when asked.

"One of the things I learned early on was don't make predictions and don't give guarantees besides the fact that I can promise you we're going to give it our best effort on the field," he said. 

Trubisky added that the Bears will be fun to watch this fall.

"I'm very excited about this year and optimistic about what we can do, but I'm not allowed to make any guarantees where we will be. But I can promise you if you come to Bears games, you're going to have a lot of fun and we're going to have a good team this year."