The Bears aren’t going to hold back Mitch Trubisky because of the looming specter of Aaron Donald, the star Los Angeles Rams’ defensive tackle and the league’s best defensive player (with all due respect to Khalil Mack). Trubisky is ready to go for Sunday Night Football, as evidenced by his full participation in Wednesday’s practice at Halas Hall and the comments that preceded it
So even though Trubisky will have to stare down a menacing, game-breaking defensive lineman on Sunday night, the Bears aren’t going to be playing scared with regard to their quarterback’s shoulder. That’s not the kind of tone set by Matt Nagy around Halas Hall. 
“One thing with our guys, no matter who we're playing, we're always going to respect you but we're never going to back down,” Nagy said. “That's just who we are. I know our guys feel that way. It's a mutual respect.”
That answer came in response to a question about how rookie left guard James Daniels will handle the challenge of competing against Donald and Ndamokong Suh, who comprise the league’s best tandem of interior defensive linemen. But it applies to the rest of the team — if Trubisky is healthy enough to play, let him play, and don’t play scared. 
That being said, Trubisky did say Wednesday he needs to be smarter when he takes off running — though scrambling will remain an important aspect of his game so long as he’s as close to 100 percent as he said he is. 
“Just being smart — anytime I pull it down, just being smart,” Trubisky said. “Trying to slide properly, trying not to be so unorthodox, picking up yardage and then just getting down when I need to get down. Getting out of bounds. And continue to stay aggressive, but like I said, I’m not going to go out there if I’m not 100 percent. I’m going to play my game. No reservations. Just go out there and do what I know how to do.”